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Monday, September 26, 2005

Character Sketch: Jude

Age: Unknown, estimated at around 17 or 18.
Family: Deceased. Father died from radiation poisoning, mother during childbirth.
Job: Hunter.
Favorite weapon: Model SC-17 human laser pistol, Make 3 kryon laser pistol.
Other information: Sly, logical, very minor psionic capabilities.

Jude is the main character of The Tower. After discovering a bizarre artifact, left from the pre-invasion era and lost in the glass fields, he leaves his home village to travel to the obliterated mainland. He leaves behind few but his two friends, Kryn and Relik, and his girlfriend, Tyra. He also must leave his mentor, known as Survivor.

Jude never knew his parents, as his mother died during childbirth and his father about a year later, from radiation poisoning. He was raised by the oldest member of his village, a man known as Survivor.

Jude always wanted to know more about the pre-war era, since he was far too young to remember the world as it was. However, he has taken to learning as much about the Kryons as possible, at least in hopes of surviving a future attack, should one occur.

One interesting effect of the high amounts of radiation present near Jude's village is his development of latent psionic talent. While he is by no means extraordinarily powerful due to his abilities, he has learned to use them to tire opponents, open locked doors, darken rooms, or climb walls more easily - a technique that comes in handy sneaking around, trying to catch the wild beasts of the island.


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