Ukl shïkal ûkaj kif ukl Kryonomicon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chapter 54 - Half-Breeds

They walked further towards the tower. It was still not visible on the horizon to those other than Jude, but they believed him, if nothing else for the way he carried himself. He acted authoritative and wise.

And although he had not told anyone besides Tyra, he was very glad that he had solved the cube. It seemed as if it was a good omen, and that the mysteries and enigmas of the world would soon unfurl before him.

Night came, and the people set up camp along the road. They sat by a very old building, looking like it had some historic importance before the world was burned. Of course, it didn’t matter now, as the world was a burnt out shell of its former self. A sign by the door read “Independence Mall”.

They entered the building. Years of termite damage had scarred the wooden interior, but for its overall age it was in remarkably good condition. They scattered to various rooms to sleep. Jude slept in the same room as Tyra, Relik, and Kysandra.

He took out the Kryonomicon to read more about the world. The book was fascinating, an encyclopedia that looked into the unseen past of Earth and Kryon. The words inside were clearly truth, as the pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

On this particular night, Jude began reading a new chapter, entitled “Of the Half-Breeds”. He was interested to learn of this, having known two half-breeds, both of which greatly endangered the group: Leader and Lukäski.

“The half-breeds are the product of unions between kryons and humans. Although now biological separate races, the schism that separated the two races has made it such that a third race forms from these unions, the half-breeds.

“The half-breeds look much more like humans than kryons, although the only known half-breeds have human mothers. Perhaps half-breeds with kryon mothers would look more kryon in nature. This theory has yet to be tested.

“The half-breeds are much taller than the average person, with dazzling red hair and shining silver eyes. They speak like a god when they open their mouths. Most turn against both of the races that are responsible for their existence, although they need these same races to join their cause.

“However, the rare half-breed serves one or both of the races. These beings are incredible allies, willing to lay their lives on their line. Half-breeds are among the most indispensable soldiers that exist.”

Jude told Tyra what he had read. They thought about what it would be like to meet a half-breed who was not bent on the destruction of anybody, but on the preservation of humanity. They wished they could have an ally so good.

They fell asleep cuddling each other. The night was calm and peaceful, and the building kept the warmth in quite well. Some people stirred, but in general the place was as still as a pond in summer.

Time passed without Tyra or Jude aware of it. The moon moved across the sky, and the sun slowly rose.

Noise rang out throughout the halls. The shattering of glass filled the area, and cold air rushed in. The people got up and grabbed their weapons.

Jude took his gun into his hands, and ran around the building, shouting, “Gather your weapons and search! We have an intruder!”

The halls were filled with shouting and footsteps as people ran around, trying to find whoever – or whatever – had broken in.

Jude ran up to the second floor. He walked slowly towards an unopened wooden door.

Without warning, there was a blast, and the door splintered into a thousand tiny pieces. Jude covered his eyes, and when it was over, he opened them again. The dust settled.

Standing behind the dust was a man, taller than most, with fiery red hair and glowing silver eyes.

It was a half-breed.


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