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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chapter 21 - Visions

Jude thought more about the picture in the children's book. The book clearly was a collection of only human ships, as it was written for human children and not kryon children. Besides, Jude already knew of just about every other ship in the book and the fact that they were all human ships.

But what this could mean frightened Jude. If his dream had been accurate, had a wasp-ship unleashed death upon the City, then the kryons were not responsible for the burning of his homeland, but humans.

He had heard occasionally from Survivor that there had been a war before the invasion, but he also knew that his city was burned during the invasion. Besides, there had been the headline of "Contact with Extraterrestrials Made" on the newspaper stand in the square. No, the vision he had had was definitely from the kryon-invasion period, and the ship was almost certainly human.

Why would humans unleash such destruction upon themselves while simultaneously they made contact with the kryons? Should it not have been obvious that the kryons had enough needless animosity to invade the Earth?

Jude did not know the answers. He read the children's book over and over, hoping to find some information about the ship, or about the other ships. He had not seen the fighters released from the ship in great enough detail to identify them, but the book listed three different types of fighters commonly used with the wasp-ship (which was apparently called "The Wasp").

Jude slept for several nights in the same place, not wishing to travel further until he had made some progress in deciphering what this could mean. And it was on the third night that he got the dream.

He was standing in the Square of Time. It was burning, and the wasp-ship was visible over the horizon, flying away. No one was left to mourn the dead. Overhead, an aurora raged as a fog of colors swirled over Jude.

He felt his mind bending and turning, and flipping end over end. The sun raced across the sky, and night fell. Voices and music sounded, though nothing was clearly audible.

But then he heard his namesake spoken over the air. "Jude," the voice said, coming from right behind him. Jude spun around, and there before him was an ethereal vision of his mentor and surrogate father, Survivor.

"Jude," he said again, looking him straight in the eye. "It is time that you find your friends."

Jude looked at his mentor's eyes, and asked "My friends? Did they not die in the destruction of our camp, as did you?"

"No, they did not," Survivor responded, his voice eerily monotone compared to the sound of wind gusts in the Square. "Your two friends Krynn and Relik, and the one who is dearest to your heart, Tyra, are still alive."

Before Survivor could finish, Jude collapsed to the ground. Tyra! So Tyra had survived. He wept bitterly over leaving his friends behind, though he could not be blamed, he had thought that they were dead.

"Jude, listen to me," Survivor said, his voice changing in pitch. "Your friends are alive though not well. They crossed the river to the mainland just days ago. You must return and seek them out. Follow the dancing of the skies, the dancing of souls. Search out and you shall find them, and the patterns shall lead you there."
Survivor's form faded into the distance.

"What? Come back!" Jude called. "I know not of what you speak!"

No voice responded.

Colors swirled and the faces of a cube flipped as the faces of the puzzle cube did. Jude's mind raced and he felt it stretching far above the horizon. Wind picked up, and newspapers in the square flew everywhere, the only sign left from the time after the bombing.

Jude looked to the distance. He could still see the wasp-ship, and it was now joined by others. He concentrated, and could feel his mind reaching forward for that which he could not see.

Fog covered his eyes and mind, and he awoke from the dream.

Jude shivered not from cold, but from fear as he lay in his makeshift bed. He had had another dream, and that was the thing that he had feared the most. He was afraid that the dreams would simply make him too confused or too weary to live, and that he would surely die lost and confused.

And this dream did not help him overcome that fear. Survivor's words were haunting and strange, calm compared to the evil around him.

Nor did they make sense. Jude could not make much sense at all as to the meaning of the words that Survivor had spoken. Yes, it was clearly true that his friends had survived the burning of the camp. However, he was now supposed to track them down? How could that be possible?

And what did Survivor mean by saying "Follow the dancing of the skies, the dancing of souls. Search them out and you shall find them, and the patterns shall lead you there"?

The words made no sense, and Jude could do nothing about trying to make sense of his latest vision, nor of his previous ones.


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