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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chapter 44 - Healing

Jude knew that Tyra was on the verge of death, and that the burns that she had sustained from the death of Hylik could easily end her life. In the time before the invasion, she would have been healed by now, but with the limited technology of the time, they had nothing they could do to save her besides hope.

But Jude realized that he had powers that most men did not. He knew that he had his powers of the mind, but he was worried as to what the others would think if they learned of them. So if he was going to try to heal Tyra, he would need to do it in such a way that no one would notice.

Also, he didn't know exactly how he would go about healing her. He had never actually tried manipulating flesh using his powers, and he had never had a serious burn before, so he did not know the anatomy of one of them.

He decided first to learn how bad the situation was. He left his room (which had been Hylik's) to check on Tyra. Kysandra and Sylva were sitting by her bedside.
"How is she?" he whispered.

Both were silent. His look of questioning was penetrating, however, and Kysandra responded.

"I don't think she'll last the night. But if she can survive tonight, I wouldn't worry about the rest."

Jude began crying. He knelt down beside his lover and wept for her. After about ten minutes of this, with Kysandra and Sylva trying in vain to comfort him, he returned to his room.

It was time to act, and it was time to act now. He had to save Tyra, and he thought that he knew how. He sat on his bed and focused his mind. Darkness engulfed him. Colors moved around him, and he was inside her mind.

"Who is there?" Jude heard. The voice was Tyra's, but did not seem to come from Tyra's conscious self. Jude called back into the mist.

"Tyra, it is I, Jude. I have come to help you get through the night."

"What is happening to me, Jude?" Her voice was that of honest wonder, she obviously did not know what had happened to her when she had been knocked unconcious.

"You were hit by an explosion, Tyra. You are burned and unconcious, and we are afraid that you will not last the night.

"You may not know this, but I have special powers of my mind. I've joined with you for the night, in the hopes that together we can get through this better than you can alone."

Jude, being in Tyra's mind, felt her pondering his statement. Her voice rang out again.

"Thank you Jude, you should be a help to me."

Mist swirled around him, and Tyra walked out from the mist. Her form was that which Jude remembered, from the village. She was not burned or scarred like Jude had seen her recently. They embraced and kissed each other.

That night was the most horrible thing that Jude had ever experienced. Voices from the past came back to haunt Tyra, from the other children making fun of her to Hylik's biting words. Images of pain and suffering, and even feelings came back from the mist. Jude, being one with her mind, felt everything occurring to him as well.

They comforted each other through the night, through the pain of what was happening.

Colors swirled again, and the most realistic image of anything that had happened to her came. Jude watched from Tyra's own eyes as Hylik led them out of the truck. He walked over to her, and spat in her face.

"You vermin, he's not coming back. It's about time you were made into the slave that you ought to be."

An explosion rocked the area without warning. Tyra sensed that it was Jude who had caused it. Both minds felt the pain of the explosion, and watched as they were blown backwards and descended into the mist.

Morning came, and Tyra had lasted the night. Jude left her to wake up, so that the other members of the Council would not know what had happened. He walked to her room and entered.

"How is she doing?" he asked.

Sylva's face was one of happiness and joy. She stared straight into Jude's eyes and asked him a question:

"I don't know, why don't you ask her?"


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