Ukl shïkal ûkaj kif ukl Kryonomicon.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chapter 46 - The Council Meets

Tyra awoke early in the morning. She and Jude talked casually, much as they might have done at the village before it was destroyed, before the fateful day that destroyed their lives. They spoke of their love for each other and of their friends, just as they did in old times.

Tyra’s burns had healed remarkably. Even more surprising, the wounds left no scars behind. She tried walking shortly after the sun rose, and could do it, however she was not fit to travel further than the confines of the parking lot.

So they went out into the motel. Jude found Kysandra and asked her to call a meeting. Kysandra knew that the people would want a vote as to whether or not Jude would be their new leader, or whether Kysandra would be remaining.

When the people had assembled, Kysandra called out to them.

“Free Council, lend me your ears! Today we must run a vote. Jude, Tyra’s boyfriend, the one spoken of in her visions, has come at last. Krynn, Relik, and Tyra all trust him with their lives, and would lay down their own lives to fulfill a plan run by him.

“We promised that when he came, we would have a vote for who believed that Jude should be leader and who thought that I should be leader. Please raise your hands if you believe that Jude should be leader.”

One hand shot immediately into the air. Following the arm down, it was obviously that of Krynn’s.

Another hand slowly came up. It was Ralyn’s. He and Jude had been coming to know each other in the past few days, and had been getting along quite well.

Slowly, more hands were raised, including Tyra’s, though the act was difficult for her, due to the tightness of her new flesh.

In the end, all but two hands were raised. The two were understandable. They were Kysandra’s own arm and Relik’s. (“No offense, but I had to pick Kysandra,” said Relik later).

Jude stepped into the center of the circle.

“We must discuss grave matters regarding the kryons and the current state of our home planet.

“The kryons are returning, if I am not mistaken.”

Fear swept through the crowd. Kysandra raised her hands for silence for Jude.

“Do not fear. Bands of kryons now roam our world, but I do not believe that they are here to conquer it once and for all. However, this has had some side effects on what has happened.

“Hunts should now be lead by multiple people. It is just stupid to have people travel on their own into the distance when bands of kryons likely roam the destroyed streets. It would pure suicide, and nothing less.

“There is another, more subtle effect. It is the effect of psychic powers brewing within perfectly normal humans. I have developed these powers. When I met your former oppressor, the half-breed known as Leader, he told me that I must have kryon blood because of my abilities.

“This is not true. Rather, the return of the kryons has stirred the souls of some of us to produce these effects. Another was your former comrade Hylik. He controlled you as a result of his abilities.

“These powers are dangerous, yes, but they can have dramatic effects. I will disclose to you that had it not been for my own powers, Tyra would not be standing by my side now.

“Also, the powers have granted me the ability to read the kryon tongue. I have not read much of a book that I found, entitled the Kryonomicon, however I plan to in the coming days, after Tyra heals. We must seek out a building constructed by the kryons, known as the tower.”

People talked quietly, but no one called out to the center of the circle. Until Sylva, that is.

“When we were in the square, The Messenger mentioned a tower. He said it lies in the capital.”

Jude did not know what this meant, and sighed. The last thing he needed now was another puzzle to unravel.


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