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Friday, November 18, 2005

Chapter 39 - "Why?"

All of the prisoners were fully awake now. Relik and Kysandra were sitting apart from each other, but only because Relik was complaining about a sore arm. The bread had been eaten, and human waste was making the interior of the truck filthy and disgusting. Each person sat in silence.

Kysandra, wandering down her thought path as to why Hylik had done this, decided to ask the other people in the truck as to their opinions.

“Why?” she mumbled, her brain not fully able to communicate her thoughts into words.
“Hmm?” Tyra looked up. And soon to follow were the other two. Kysandra had their attention, and now she just needed to formulate a sentence.

“Why did he do it?” she asked. “Why did Hylik do such a thing as this?”

The other people stared at her with bleak expressions upon their faces. They knew as little as she did.

“I don’t know,” said Tyra, her voice quavering with sadness. “What did he have against us?”
“It was because of you, unfortunately,” said Sylva, pointing at Kysandra. “He hates you, because you had been lovers but are no longer.” She moved her finger to point at Relik. “And he hates you as well, because you are her new lover.”

“But we didn’t end it because of hate for each other,” said Kysandra. “We ended it because the Order of Vengeance captured us.”

“Perhaps he wanted you back?” suggested Relik. “Perhaps he thought that you were more on, shall we say, a hiatus? Maybe he thought that you still wanted him. I am almost certain that he still wanted you.”

“That is a possibility,” opined Kysandra. “And that would also explain his hate, for you, Relik. But why turn against you two?” She was looking at Tyra and Sylva.

Neither responded, and instead sat in thought. Relik, instead, was the one who proposed a possible answer to Kysandra’s question.

“Maybe he didn’t do it on purpose,” he said, his eyes staring towards the ceiling.
Tyra looked at him strangely. “Explain.”

“Maybe he simply had to. If he were to turn on Kysandra and I, it would make the most sense to rally the Council while we were away for at least a day. He knew that we were going to be gone for some time. He would have easily enough time to at least attempt to rally them if he fled where we were for whatever reason. His flight from The Messenger may merely have been a ploy.”

“But why would he have turned on Tyra and Sylva?” asked Kysandra.

“Because he didn’t have a choice. He saw the opportunity present to turn on you and I, and Tyra and Sylva were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“That would make sense,” said Sylva. “I never did anything to harm him, or at least, I don’t think that I did.”

They sat in silence for some time. Tyra spoke again some minutes later, and rather unexpectedly.

“What happened to Krynn?”

“What do you mean?” asked Kysandra. She wasn’t sure where the question was coming from, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to know.

“Relik and my companion, Krynn. I am sure that he would not have turned on us so easily because of Hylik’s plan. Nor did I see him in the crowd that was backing Hylik.”

Sylva looked Tyra straight in the eye, and tears began forming in her own eyes. She moved her mouth slowly, trying to gather the courage to tell Tyra.

“He was in the crowd, Tyra.”

Relik pounded the bottom of the truck. “You’re lying!” he yelled. “You must be lying!”

Sylva looked at him sadly. She shook her head slowly, but clearly and obviously.

Relik looked back at her, his eyes beginning to well with tears. “You’re not?”

“No, Relik.”

Relik began weeping loudly, and Kysandra quickly reached out to try to soothe him.

Tyra too was weeping. “How could this be? What reason would he have for turning on us?”

Sylva spoke back to her. “I don’t know, Tyra, I don’t know.”

A single word formed on Relik’s lips, the word that was central to everyone’s mind.



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