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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chapter 22 - Kysandra

The Free Council traveled the direction in which the sun sets, knowing not for what they sought. In the past few days, they had spent their effort catching food to fill their empty stomachs. They had been very successful in this, and no one complained of hunger. Even the sick, weak ones looked healthy thanks to a reasonable diet.

After three days of hunting and eating, the Free Council left the shoreline of the mainland. Kysandra, as the leader of the Council, took the front, and was followed thereafter by Tyra, Krynn, and Relik. Hylik took up the rear.

Kysandra began talking with the three friends.

"I know that you have told me that you fled the destruction of your village some weeks ago. However, you have not told me much else of your past. Might it possible for me to learn more? If I am overstepping my boundaries, please so say."

"Yes, we will tell you more," said Tyra, though Krynn and Relik walked silently behind them. "What is it that you wish to know?"

"I wish to know more of the people who lived with you. Did you have any survivors of the invasion? And do any of you know of someone who was away from the village at the time it was razed?"

Tyra responded, "We had one who had survived, and he called himself Survivor for that reason. He was an older man, a bit older than Pulse was before he died. He became a surrogate father to those of us who were orphans, such as myself. We saw him incinerated in the burning of the camp.

"We know only of one who was not there when the camp was razed. He was my lover, a hunter named Jude. We could not stay to wait for his return, as we knew that if the attackers had seen us, we would have been annihilated. We know not where he is."

Kysandra looked at her grimly. "I see. We shall look for clues as to the location of Jude. However, I have no promises that we shall ever see him again. I am sorry, Tyra."

She looked back at the others. "Now then," she said, her voice and eyes brightening. "Is there anything that you wish to know about me?"

"Yes," said Relik, his eyes lighting up. "Tell us of your history before you were captured by the Order."

"Well then, I shall tell you of my past. But be forewarned, it is not a happy one.
"My name is not Kysandra as you pronounce it, but an older pretime pronunciation, Cassandra. My full name was Cassandra O'Conner. I know not if I had a middle name, but it matters not.

"My father was a charismatic leader. Although I was barely old enough to remember, I do believe that he was the leader of the world after a massive war swept over just a decade before the kryons came. He had risen from his ruined homeland of Ireland, a nation across the ocean, to unite the world after its wars.

"He died when I was still very young. I do not know who my mother is, nor have I found documents detailing my father's life from which I could discern her name. I must only assume that she died giving birth to me.

"My father cared for me in the after-war period, however I know that he was slaughtered at some point by a barbarian group. This same group captured and enslaved me. I was only a young girl at the time.

"They tortured me cruelly due to my heritage. Later, however, I managed to escape and lived free for some years. I met and fell in love with Hylik, whom you know. We were growing apart when the Order captured us.

"That was the deciding blow. We separated, and are likely never to love each other again.

"And that is what I know of my own history."

Relik stared into Kysandra's eyes. He had never suspected such a history behind someone who seemed like such a simple woman. He wished to know more about Kysandra, and to became closer to her. For he believed in his heart that she was special, and that whatever powers that be had destined their meeting.


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