Ukl shïkal ûkaj kif ukl Kryonomicon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Chapter 55 - Uk'Yan

The half-breed stood there before Jude. It was not Leader or Lukäski, as the faces were different. A deep scar ran across the left side of his face. He stared at Jude directly, and spoke out in the kryon tongue.

“My name is Uk’Yan.” Jude immediately knew what Uk’Yan meant. The Scarred.

Jude spoke back to him in kryon. “Greetings Uk’Yan,” he said, reaching his hand out towards him. “My name is Jude.”

Uk’Yan reached behind him and pulled out a gun. Jude took a step back, ready to run. “No,” commanded Uk’Yan, as he kneeled down to the ground. He put the gun down. “I seek only for ones to travel with, to the ancestral homeland of the humans.”

Jude walked over towards him. “Then you have come to the right place, Uk’Yan.” He smiled politely at him. A half-breed should be a worthy ally, and should help them decipher the many mysteries of the world. “Come with me, I shall introduce you to the band, known as the Free Council.”

The two walked through the hallways. Jude called out, “Put down your weapons! This one is a friend. Meet in the main hall.”

The Free Council gathered in what they took to be the main hall, a room with tables gathered around a podium that sat at the head of the room. It was still in immaculate condition, the building had been lucky to survive the destruction of its city.

Jude and Uk’Yan walked up towards the podium. Some of the people gasped as they saw someone who was clearly a half-breed follow Jude up to the front.

“This is Uk’Yan,” said Jude, addressing the crowd. “His name, in the kryon tongue, means ‘the scarred’. He wishes companions as he seeks for a way to travel to the ancestral homeland of mankind, the planet of Kryon. He should prove to be a worthy ally.”

Uk’Yan got down in front of the podium. He put his gun on the ground and kneeled, in much the same way as he had to Jude. Jude suspected that this was a half-breed traditional way of pledging allegiance.

Uk’Yan began reciting a verse in the kryon tongue. Although he did not translate it, Jude knew instinctively what it meant.

“My brothers I beseech you / For the good of the union of human and kryon / I shall join in your journeys / Until death separates me from you / I shall be on your side”.

Jude began clapping alone, and soon the rest of the Free Council stood up. Although they did not know much of this man, he seemed kindly and willing to help them.

Tyra looked in wonder as Jude bent over to ask Uk’Yan a question. He asked it in the kryon tongue, and Uk’Yan responded in the same tongue. He appeared sorry as to his answer.

Jude faced the crowd again. “Unfortunately, Uk’Yan has never learned the human language. As I am the only one here who can speak the tongue of the kryons, I shall be his translator. I shall also teach him the tongue, so that we may communicate more effectively.”

He left the podium and joined the Free Council again. The people looked outside and saw that it was daytime again. They left the building to continue on their journey.

Uk’Yan approached Jude. He asked, “Where is it, exactly, that we are traveling?”

“We have received a message from one called The Messenger,” said Jude. “He appears to have been another half-breed, although a very mysterious one at that. We seek the capital of this former nation, for therein lie the answers to our questions.”

Uk’Yan looked at Jude straight in the eye. “We must be careful, however, as I have learned that my twin brother also roams these parts, and he is not kind to humans. His name is Lukäski.”


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