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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chapter 24 - Partners

The Free Council continued to travel in the direction in which the sun sets. Relik and Kysandra were becoming fast friends, and Tyra and Krynn were becoming friends with some of the other people.

The journey was surprisingly peaceful and uneventful. No savage bands had attacked, nor had dangerous animals appeared. Food was plentiful enough, and the people were no longer dying from hunger. Most of the people who had been ill became healthy and active, and the atmosphere had improved to certainty of survival.

The weather had been cool for the time of the year, and light breezes helped keep people active.

They had not, however, found many good place to sleep. Usually they made do in a house which had no furniture due to looters in the years just following the invasion. They would sleep on the hard floors or rough carpets, and most people were weary and tired from their journeys and lack of sleep.

One night, however, they found what had once been a motel. The beds were still intact, and everyone was able to get a good night's sleep. And it was on this night that Tyra received her vision.

She was sitting standing on a small island on a river. Fog swirled around her, and unintelligible voices sounded. Although it was daylight, an aurora raged overhead. Tyra heard weeping coming from the fog.

It was the sound of a male weeping. And upon thinking more about the voice, Tyra was able to identify the person. It was Jude.

She walked through the fog to meet with her lover. He was sitting on a boulder, his face in his hands. Tears rolled down his arms.

Tyra walked over and placed her hands on his shoulders. She lowered her head to his, and kissed him on the cheek. He uncovered his eyes to see who it was.

"Tyra!" he shouted, surprised to see his lover here. His face suddenly became happy, although tears still rolled down it.

Tyra hushed him. Placing her hands on his face, she wiped away his tears.

"I am here," she said, her voice calm and soothing. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and small waves broke on the island.

"Tyra, you must listen to me," Jude said, his eyes staring deep into hers. "Tyra, I am coming for you."

"How can this be?" she responded, surprised at his declaration.

"I received a vision from Survivor, and he instructed me to find you. I know not how I shall do it, but I am coming for you. I will find you."

Tyra looked at him, and began weeping. "Jude, I have missed you much."

Hushing Tyra, Jude wrapped his arms around her. They embraced, and both wept for their separation.

"Tyra," said Jude, raising his head from her shoulders and looking back into her eyes. "I am coming."

Tyra awoke from her sleep. She reached her hand up to her face, and felt tears rolling down her cheek. She cried and wept for her lost lover.

But he had made a promise. Despite the distance in time and space that stood between their last meeting, he promised to come for her. They would see each other again, though in what manner was not clear.

Tyra's heart both fell for the loss of Jude, and rose again for the promise of their reunion.


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