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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Chapter 32 - Mind Games

The figures stopped and turned to face him. Jude’s eyes met with those of the tallest of the group. He was abnormally tall, had extraordinarily bright red hair, and his eyes glowed silver light. Jude reeled in fright.

It was Lukäski, it must be, for it was one of the human-kryon half-breeds. Yet something felt different, and the man did not generate the same air of terror that that Lukäski had. In addition, this man was a companion with humans and not kryons, as Lukäski had been.

The man spoke out to Jude, and instead of the evil and terror that had come when Lukäski spoke, Jude felt goodness and happiness coming from him.

“I am called Leader, for I shall lead the people of the world in revolt against the kryons,” he said. His minions lowered their weapons and stood behind him to back him up. “What are you called, human?”

Jude, although his conscience screamed against it, responded without hesitation. “I am called Jude,” he responded, his mind mesmerized by Leader’s peaceful attitude. He wondered how people from such a race could be so different.

But then Leader ruined it. He called out to Jude, “Jude, join me. I am conquering the world by force, and if you do not join me, I shall have to destroy you. And I shall do it in the barbaric way my father would have, as a kryon.”

Jude was startled at the idea, and called out, “No!”

And then it began to happen. Jude collapsed to the ground. Probes of thought reached deep into his mind. He writhed on the ground in pain.

He could feel Leader probing his thoughts and feelings, searching for a weakness. Jude could do little to fight back.

But he had an idea. He closed his eyes and let his mind revolve. It bent and twisted in non-Euclidean dimensions, and he could feel the cold grip of Leader loosening. He had the energy to stand.

In his mind, a battle was raging. Tendrils still raced through, probing his thoughts, but a wall was being constructed, which stopped some of the thoughts. Jude reached towards Leader’s mind.

What he felt was very strange. He felt not only Leader’s own memories and thoughts, but that of his ancestors. He felt the kryon warriors boarding their ships to fly to Earth, and the kryon messages spanning out over their homeworld announcing the war. He felt darkness spanning over the fields of the planet, which happened to remind him of those of the Earth – except without the glass piles.

But what surprised him most were the actual messages sent to the kryon warriors. They were in kryon, but ever since Survivor had spoken to him, he could understand them. They said:

“We must stop the madman of the humans. We must rescue them from his grasp.”

The assault continued. Jude fell back to the ground, and Leader’s mind cried in horror as it realize that it, too, had been probed.

The tendrils retreated.

“What have you done?” cried Leader. “How can you, a mortal man, perform the kryon art of thought-fights? No man can master his mind!”

Jude felt his mind attacked again, and this time, the tendrils of thought were thrice as strong. And this time there was anger in them.

Jude fought back. The tendrils clashed and wrapped around each other, and soon they were locked in a match of pure mental might. Looking out from the mind haze, Jude saw the minions of Leader watching in fear as the two stood there, staring at each other, their pain clearly evident.

Leader retracted briefly, and then struck again. Jude could not hold off much longer. Especially once the tendrils made contact with his psyche. They caused pain of a much deeper level than before, as if they had electricity flowing through them.

Agony coursed through both Jude’s mind and body. He convulsed and collapsed to the ground.


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