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Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Tower

It is a dark time. The world was nearly annhilated in a great war against a race known as the Kryons. Nearly 15 years into the world-shattering war, the Kryons vanished, leaving only a burnt world in their wake. Tribes of humans, now turned savage, populate the glass fields. But hope remains, and one man shall travel from his home and discover the truth in ... The Tower.

This is The Tower, a post-apocalyptic view of the near future. After a near extinction at the hands of a race known as the Kryons, humanity is reduced to only mere shreds of its former glory.

This is actually based off of a short story that I wrote some time ago, and which will be posted to this blog eventually. It only bares a fleeting resemblance, though, so don't worry about it ruining the climax, as it will be very different. In addition, the book shall be published here as it is written, as well as character sketches, notes, and other assorted materials. Prepare to unlock the secrets of The Tower.


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