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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Chapter 28 - The Waiting Game

The Free Council stayed at the motel just as Kysandra had decreed. A few people, primarily Hylik, were opposed to the plan, but in general everyone was just as willing to stay in the motel where they had beds to sleep on and a roof over their head.

They explored the region more over the next few days. They found what was likely once the center of the town, though it was damaged heavily enough that it was hard to tell. One store still remained in near-perfect condition, and had not been looted. It was likely that anyone who would have looted it died in the bombing.

So the Council looted the building for canned food and bottles of various drinks. Some non-water beverages were still available, which for many were their first taste of a drink that was not water. Most decided that water was superior.

Tyra, Krynn, and Relik came to know more people over the course of their time with the Council. Tyra became good friends with Sylva, who had apparently lived in their village for some time, although it was before Tyra would have been old enough to remember. Relik became much better friends with Kysandra, and nobody other than Relik was surprised when Kysandra woke him one morning with a kiss. And although he was surprised, he certainly enjoyed the experience.

Krynn, however, did not talk with many people. He generally only spent time with Relik, but Relik was frequently with Kysandra, as the two were beginning to grow romantic in their relationship. Tyra and Sylva were spending time looting and hunting together, and so Krynn had to find new friends. So Krynn befriended two people.

The first was Hylik, though Krynn was worried that Hylik cared more at getting back at Kysandra for their broken romance than for the survival of the Council.

The other was somebody that they had not spoken to much over the course of their time with the council, a man named Ralyn. Ralyn was apparently the son of Pulse, and was still emotionally damaged over the death of his father. He was recovering rapidly, as he realized that survival was more important than mourning, but the pain was still there.

Ralyn did not enjoy Hylik's company, and so Krynn never saw both of his friends simultaneously, except when Kysandra called meetings.

And so the slaves settled into their new homes, waiting for the arrival of Jude. Tyra thought back to her vision that she had of Jude on the rock, and recalled him saying that he did not know how he would find them. She had purposefully withheld this information from the Council, so that no dissent would rise from people frustrated at the waiting for something that seemed impossible to come.

But Tyra trusted Jude, even though his message came in so strange a fashion as the vision. She believed deep in her heart that Jude's soul had projected that message, and that soon, he would be here.


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