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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Character Sketch: Survivor

Age: Claims to be 43 years old, though it is likely that this is an estimate.
Family: Deceased. The rest of Survivor's family died during the invasion.
Job: Chief.
Favorite weapon: Modified dual-barrel F-29 human laser rifle.
Other information: Intelligent, aging, last known survivor of the invasion, heavy radiation poisoning.

Survivor is the last known human still living from the Kryon invasion, which occurred when he was only 9 years old. He does not remember his original name, nor his surname. He has no family of his own, after watching his family die at the hands of the ruthless Kryons.

After being taken in by a small tribe of survivors located in what was formerly New York City, Survivor learned the ways of fighting, having to protect his adoptive family from others. He gained a particular liking to the dual-barrel F-29 laser rifle developed by the humans just before the Kryon invasion, and later modified one in order to increase the destruction caused - though it resulted in the depletion of energy cells at a more rapid rate.

Survivor emerged as the chief of the village about a decade ago, after the rest of the survivors had died for one reason or another. While he had no children of his own, Survivor became the mentor for a number of children, including Jude.

Survivor's health is failing fast. He suffers from severe radiation poisoning after discovering a uranium-powered Kryon cannon some years ago. While he could easily have been healed using pre-war medicine, the other members of his tribe are powerless to help him.

As his life slowly dwindles away, Survivor must make a choice - whether to die in peace or discover the truth behind the Kryon invasion.


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