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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chapter 19 - The Subway

The slaves had no time to lose. Relik, who had been a hunter back before the village had been destroyed, distributed guns to other people, according to how he felt each person would be at them.

Fortunately for Tyra, one of the guards had also had her old kryon Make 2 plasma blades, and so she took them back to use them, instead of wielding a gun. Kysandra was given a gun very similar to the gun that Survivor used before he modified it.

The slaves put the guns over their backs, and held them, ready to fire. Krynn had told them not to keep the power setting too high, but to make sure that it could easily kill someone in one shot.

The slaves cautiously walked down the first staircase. Krynn and Relik lead the way, and Tyra and Kysandra were not far behind. Hylik brought up the rear. The other slaves filled in the area between.

Relik got down on his hands and knees and crawled into the main lobby of the station. A group of guards were sitting around a fire, oblivious to what had just happened above ground. He motioned to Krynn, and the two walked out into the lobby.

“Greetings, boys,” Relik called. The guards turned around, but it was far too late. Krynn and Relik had opened fire.

Explosions of heat and light spread throughout the tunnels, and the footsteps of more guards coming as reinforcements were clearly audible. The other slaves charged into the room.

Tyra engaged her blades. She charged at the front of the line, and within only a few seconds, three guards lay cut in half, their bodies split open by the intense heat of the blade.

The slaves with guns continued to open fire. After only a minute of carnage had passed, Relik called out for a cease-fire. They looked around at the smoldering and melted ruins of what had once been the camp for the guards. No one was left alive.

One slave had perished in the attack, but only because of an unlucky shot by another.

The slaves dropped their power settings down to a much lower setting. Walking systematically from pen to pen, they shot every one of the guard dogs in the head. In no time at all, the dogs were dead, just as their masters were.

They then began to walk down the tunnel towards where Leader’s headquarters were. The same tunnel was also the prison wing for the slaves, and many who were too weak to work but showed signs of improving were still here, chained and hungry but certainly willing to join them.

They walked around, shooting the locks with their guns, set at low power. In half an hour, all of the slaves of the Order of Vengeance were either free or dead.

The mass continued moving down the tunnel. At last they had released the metal-enclosed room in which Leader operated the Order.

Relik slammed his fist against the window.

“Leader, we know you’re in there! Come out!”

No answer came back to them.

A voice from the crowd called out, “Just blast your way in! The doors will easily give way!” The voice was Sylva’s – surprising, as she had never been one to seem particularly assertive.

Krynn shrugged at Relik, and then did as suggested. The door was blasted against the far wall.

The slaves charged into the room. Everything was still in there, except for Leader, who was nowhere to be seen. They began rustling through papers, hoping to find out more about the organization that had kept them on the verge of death for so long.

Nothing was there.

Relik, curious to learn more about the world, took down the poster map from the wall.

A crate of ammo for various weapons sat in the corner, and another slave volunteered to carry it.

And so the band successfully freed themselves from the bondage of the Order of Vengeance, and breathed free air once again.


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