Ukl shïkal ûkaj kif ukl Kryonomicon.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Chapter 47 - Book of the Kryons

Tyra healed remarkably fast over the next few days. Then again, it was not surprising, considering the amount of psychic help that she received from Jude. In only four days, she was nearly up to perfect health, and thus, she and Jude moved into a room together.

Tyra had only just gotten out of the room in which she was healing, and she and Jude sat in the room. They talked for some time about what all had befallen each other since the destruction of the village.

Jude realized that he had not read the Kryonomicon for some time, and so he took the book out of his bag. Tyra looked over his shoulder, but she could not read the aurora-script as Jude could. So she asked him if he would read it to her, so that they could both read the book and try to find the answers to the enigmas that plagued them. Jude did so, and opened to the first page.

“This book is written for humanity from their brothers, the kryons. We are your brothers. Ten million years ago, the great race fought a war against themselves, spanning the galaxy. Most worlds were exterminated at the hands of the cruel regime that the rebels fought against.

“The war was won, but two groups of kryons emerged. One was ourselves, who remained on our ancestral homeland of Kryon. The other race became the humans, who now live on the planet Earth. Neither group knew of the existence of the other. Until now.”

Jude put the book down and looked Tyra.

“How could this be?” he asked. “Why would the kryons have destroyed us?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Keep reading, the author may descend further into these topics.”

Jude picked the book back up.

“We found Earth some two hundred years ago. Humanity’s technology was vastly inferior to our own, but we saw that the technological revolution was coming. So we sat back and waited. And about thirty years ago, the war began.

“Humanity turned upon itself, and nuclear war spread across the planet. A leader emerged, a man by the name of William O’Conner. He united the world and the civil war ended, though the damage had been done.”

Jude put the book back down. Tyra looked at him, her eyes questioning. Neither had ever heard of a world war before the invasion. It did not seem possible that humanity could have weakened itself so much.

“Humanity was in no state to sense corruption within its own government. O’Conner became a xenophobe, obsessed with destroying all those humans who were not worthy of the name of humanity. So he began his campaign of cleansing.

“He released the great wasp-ships of the Earth upon the ‘dirty’ cities, to eliminate those who were not ‘ideal human fodder’. We had to step in, and so we invaded.

“Lives were lost in our invasion, yes, but it was necessary. We rescued as many as we could and took them to our land of Kryon. But some were left behind.

“If you are reading this book, you are one of these people.”

Jude closed the book and dropped it on the ground. He walked over and embraced Tyra. Both began weeping for humanity’s folly. Although the book was the only place they had ever heard the story, they knew that what it spoke of was true.

Humanity had been foolish. They had turned on themselves in their greatest hour, and the destruction of Earth had been the result. The kryons were not the cause but the scapegoat.

Tyra turned to Jude.

“Jude, there is something you must know that I have known but did not tell you.”

“What is it, Tyra?”

“Kysandra mentioned once that her father had the surname of O’Conner, and she believed that he was once the ruler of the world. Can we still trust her?”

“Yes, we can trust her, Tyra. Kysandra’s blood may be weak, but she does not know her heritage, and hopefully it will remain that way.”

They talked for several more hours, late into the night, trying to unravel the meaning of what they had read in the Kryonomicon, the Book of the Kryons.

Late in the night, Jude asked Tyra another question.

“What did The Messenger say about the tower?”

“Only that it lies in the capital. He did not state where the capital is, nor how we can reach it. We will require more thought before we can figure this puzzle out. The past still lies hidden from us, Jude.”

“Indeed it does. We will have to travel in search of information about the world as it was when O’Conner turned upon his own family, humanity.”


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